NAME: Tein Oliver Ammer
AGE: 18
BITHDAY: 27th October
HEIGHT: 1,63cm
ABILITY: Regeneration

Born and raised in a small village dominated by a cult, after confessing his love to his best friend his was subjected to small tortures as a form of conversion therapy. In one of those tortures, after a priest accidentally stabbed him, his ability was discover, which intensified the tortures. In a desperate act, after an argument with his that one friend, he end up stabing his eye with a empty glass bottle and then finally managed to escape the cult, ending up in a nearby city where he was admitted to an orphanage that also functioned as a hospital for troubled youth. In this facility, he encountered Akira. Due to the abuse suffered in that hospital, the two fled and later found the rest of the group


Black Carpet Beetle